E-com Strategy Advising.

E-Com: Strategy & Support

  • Strategy. Second opinion support for investors, owners, board and leadteam.

  • Procurement. Connect, advise and benchmark solutions & pricing(specially in platform, services, PSP, couriers and logistics).

  • Project lead and support.

  • KPI, P&L advising and support.

Build: Growth and controll

  • Support C-levels and lead teams with advise in the difrent stages of scaling a company.

  • Advise in market expansion and localisation.

  • Advise in marketing and brand building.

  • Advise in capital raise, finance.

  • Advise in cash tight situations

Network: Connect and reach

  • Industry leaders

  • C-level, Leadteam.

  • Talents and Specialists.

  • Platform and other E-com Service providers.

  • Consultants & Agencys

  • PSPs

  • Couriers and Shipping.

  • Logistics & warehouse.


ACCEXE was founded by long time entrepeneur Andreas Koschnike. Started, build, invested and sold many companies in retail, fashion and e-com. The biggest one was that reached a size of 50mE through organic growth as well with M&A. Background in scaleing business for growth through strong brand building, marketing and market expansion all while experimenting with all kinds of e-com tools of trade and services. Through +20 years of business and travel he has aquired a wide network of connections to other industry leaders, collegues and talents. ACCEXE servs also as an umbrella agency for other consultants and advisers when needed. ACCEXE works in 3 areas: STRATEGY SUPPORT, GROWTH & CONTROLL and NETWORK. ACCEXE also operates as an investor. Send us an email with your request or pitch to: